The premiere beauty pageant in Edo North, Nigeria.

The Miss Afenmai Beauty Pageant (MABP) is the pageant where beauty, Culture, Determination and Intellect comes together. The MABP pageant is known as the best annual event organized with the vision to highlight and acknowledge the talent and beauty within young women in Nigeria. The event aims to bring out the best qualities from the young pageant hopefuls. These qualities include: talents, public speaking skills, commitment to public/community service, personal modelling achievements and drive for success.

Organizational Profile

The MABP is organized by TOWA ENT which consists of young Edo volunteers and strong-minded individuals with high intensity in social and cultural awareness and they all have the aspiration to give back to the community. They are highly organized and result-oriented individuals with academic and professional experience in marketing, sales, risk, and quality management. They also have in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing and analytics. As proactive volunteers in Edo north community, they have acquired excellent knowledge and understanding of business, finance, and event management. Furthermore, they have proven track records in developing, planning and managing beauty pageant projects. Finally, they have an outstanding ability to write and analyze reports as well as professionally develop a presentation for a small and large audience.

Our MIssion

To identify young women in the community who epitomise the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebra­tion of beauty, style and fashion.

Our Vision

The Miss Afenmai Beauty Pageant is aimed at creating a world of equity for the girl child all over the globe.

Our Success

Our success throughout the year has been mind-blowing, MABP has produced beauty queens that have become outstanding in their world, growing in excellence and representing the values of which we stand for. They have become international role models for upcoming generations with their little contributions to humanity.