Flora. O. Osarenmwinda

My name is queen Flora. O. Osarenmwinda.  I hail from Edo State, Benin city to be precise.  I am a young entrepreneur. I happen to be a model, makeup artist , fashion designer nd a textile designer as well. I presently live in federal capital territory (Abuja). I am an easy going person, easy to work with. I strive at greatness in whatever I do and I tend to involve myself in whatever opportunity that will make me improve personally. Modelling has been my passion since 2017, It was amazing how I could grow in such a short while. So far I have won 4 different pageant.  Of all pageant that I have contested in. Miss Afenmai beauty pageant happen to be one of the best.  A free and fair pageant has always been want I wanted to involve my self in and not for one minute did I regret contesting in it.  I can proudly say dat Miss Afenmai beauty has indeed contributed generously into my life.  The brand gave me an opportunity to become a makeup artist and today i work with a makeup brand in abuja all because of the opportunity the brand gave to me.  Working with miss Afenmai beauty pageant was never a problem neither did any moment go to waste.  The fact that the brand made me engage myself in different pet project was the most amazing part.  It was indeed nice working with the brand and thank you to the manager and CEO of miss Afenmai beauty pageant for Been the most amazing nd easy people to work with